From Under a Parent’s Wing

I absolutely cannot wait until I get out of my parents’ home and on my own. They seriously drive me up a wall, and I cannot stand it. I’ve had enough of them using the parent card and invading my privacy. Yes, as their child, I should respect them and not trash them; however, as my parents, they should also respect me, which doesn’t happen to often. I don’t expect grand ole gestures of respect but small things like asking before moving my stuff would be nice, especially when you are entering my work space. This problem would not exist if they didn’t have the want to have to keep an eye on what I am doing every second of the day and relegating me to the living room downstairs where everything is for all to see when just oh-so-casually walking by.

As parents, caring is fine, but my parents care too much and are way too nosy about all my work. Don’t tell me to do my work because I will get it done. I was not home for six weeks as I was studying. Did I need my parents to tell me to get my work done to do it? Nope, not at all. I got (almost) everything done without a parental figure telling me what to do. So, frankly, I know what I’m doing. I’m not horrendous at time management. Quite honestly, those six weeks were probably some of the best times of my life because I didn’t have my parents looking over my shoulder and I, frankly, didn’t even miss them.

This sounds mean, but I really just want them to be my financing and housing but nothing more. I receive no type of responsibility from them. I act like a child because you treat me like one. I am not going to show you that I can be a responsible person if you won’t treat me like one. I am not the typical child that becomes responsible to earn trust. I want you to trust me, and after this past summer, I’d say that I am quite trustworthy and mature. I did my work and I pulled my weight. Besides, maybe I’m not uncaring or emotionless; perhaps, you just are too emotional about me and I really just don’t care enough right now. I have goals and dreams in life that don’t involve you, primarily because I am tired of constantly seeing you every single day and I never really get to see my friends outside of school. You say you understand, but I highly doubt that statement.


About true2abcforever

Yes, I am female, which means I may tend to be a little more dramatic than necessary. However, that is just a part of me. Please read my About Me on my main blog to find out more. ~Live.Laugh.Love.Smile :)<3
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