Those Thinking Moods

You know, those thinking moods. The ones you get when you hear something you don’t want to hear, the ones that occur when you see something that maybe wasn’t meant for you to see or wasn’t everything that happened. When you try to get other work done because you have an important deadline coming up in a few days but no matter how hard you try, you always go back to that statement, comment, conversation, picture, whatever. That one thing is a black hole, sucking up everything else so all you can see and think about is it. When you finally want to do something about it, you’re afraid that you’re going to step on something personal and make the other person explode or that you’re just going to be annoying again. So instead, you just continue to sit and struggle, your mind tossing and turning over this thing, whatever it may have been. This continues until the issue gets addressed and when it does, you either feel even worse than before or feel great because you addressed an issue that made your relationship/life/outlook/whatever better than ever and you’re ready to conquer whatever the world has to offer.

Step by step. Day by day. I promise it’ll get better, hopefully sooner than later but I know it will. Just breathe and smile.


About true2abcforever

Yes, I am female, which means I may tend to be a little more dramatic than necessary. However, that is just a part of me. Please read my About Me on my main blog to find out more. ~Live.Laugh.Love.Smile :)<3
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